There’s no question that having the right systems and processes in place are crucial to the success of your online business. One of those is your sales funnel and the vital role it plays in your business.

Are you having trouble connecting with your readers? Trouble bringing in those readers? If so, the AIDA formula, some reference it as the AIDA funnel, it can help. Learning how your audience thinks is a big part of the puzzle, but how can we accomplish that relationship?

In this guide, I’m talking about the AIDA formula and how it can help you grow your business.

The foundation of the AIDA sales funnel has 4 stages: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


This is where you begin to build awareness for you, your business, products and services.

  • Find your target audience
  • Using strong relative headlines and titles
  • Use creative images that are appealing
  • Start solving the most common problems
  • Consider different strategies to build awareness


  • Beginning to listen to your audience’s problems
  • Engaging with your audience
  • Clear demonstrations, case studies and examples
  • Leverage your social proof
  • Start building interest for your services and products


  • Building content specifically for your audience
  • Persuade your audience with your products, services and features
  • Create desire among your targeted audience
  • Creating passion and drive for what you offer


  • Leverage your CTAs (Call-To-Actions)
  • Get users signed up for your email marketing campaigns
  • Focusing on the specific problems you’re solving
  • Get prospects and leads to become customers
  • Closing the deal



Your first goal with your content is to gain attention and awareness. In order to get their attention, you have to know who you’re going after. Here’s some questions to ask yourself.

  • Who are you writing this content piece for? What personas is your content for? Think geographical, age, gender, occupation, education, income and any other interest your content will be targeting.
  • What is your audience’s biggest problem? What keeps them up at night? What do they worry about the most?
  • What kind of solution are you offering to them in this content piece? Is it an idea? Is it a product?
  • What platforms does your audience use? Where do they talk about their problems?

I’ll use my business consulting services as an example. I target business owners who have an established business and are looking for ways to scale their business. I also target small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow an established business. In my consulting services, I often use the AIDA formula, hence the reason for this article. It serves two purposes, to educate you to see how powerful the AIDA funnel is and to show you my understanding of sales funnels. This leads to the next step, INTEREST.


When you have a reader’s attention, you want them to clearly understand what you’re talking about. You want to show them that you understand their problems. You want your audience to understand that. Every piece of content you publish should have purpose.

I’ll use my business as an example again since I know it very well. If you own a successful business, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to scale your business and grow. Another pain point for entrepreneurs is finding free time, not having to be locked down in front of a computer every single day, 7 days a week. That’s two pain points I know well as my business struggled with the same thing.

When you can hit on that main pain point, you get the reader’s full potential. At this point, the reader can relate. Very important. This is when you can start introducing solutions to those problems.

This is your opportunity to share your own story and really connect with your readers. This is a great time to send your best content pieces to help them. This is a great time to show them proof. Just like I did on my sales results page and just like I discussed when leveraging your social proof. You want to show them your authentic and genuine. Show them in every way that you care about their problems and you’re here to help.


Most marketers and entrepreneurs get Interest and Desire confused, really getting certain elements mixed up. So I’ll do my best to clear up the noise.

Here’s an example. You’re tired of your 9-5 job, you take to Google and you come across some articles you found interesting. You start learning about how you can become an entrepreneur and live a life of luxury.

A few weeks go by and you’re back at work. You’re sitting in your cubicle and you start thinking about being an entrepreneur. You start thinking about the lifestyle, the money, the freedom. You’re mentally visualizing being in that role. You say to yourself, “I want a new career, I’m ready to do this.” This is DESIRE my friend.

With desire comes passion and this is where prospects become leads.


When you have your reader in the desire stage, it’s time to close the deal. It’s time for your user to take action. In most cases, online, this involves your CTA. CTA stands for call-to-action.

CTAs should be clear and tell the reader exactly what to do next. For my business, this is our Discovery Form. The 5-Step Blueprint Formula is our main “done-for-you” service that we offer to businesses. Our Discovery Form gives us the information we need to evaluate their business and determine a marketing strategy to implement.

I also have guides, checklist and templates I use to capture leads. I ask for a name and email in exchange for my most-valuable content. These CTAs are throughout my website. This is another way to find customers.

Every piece of content you write should have a purpose. Now, the purpose of this article is to educate you on the AIDA funnel and how you can utilize this to grow your business.


As you can now see with the AIDA funnel, each level has a specific stage. You can’t get desire without getting attention first. This is the order you need to follow to see the best results possible.

This is a very effective formula for growing an audience.

We start with attention and awareness, then to interest, desire and then action. 4 simple steps you can follow to better connect with your readers.

I’ll leave you with this, if there’s anything you walk away with, let it be the fact that you need to know your audience better than they know themselves. The better you know your audience, the more you’ll be able to understand what makes them tick. Remember to be genuine and follow the steps.