How To Reach Your Life Goals And Everything In Between

How To Reach Your Life Goals And Everything In Between

We all have goals in life.

We all want to be successful, be financially free, want to be the best parent to our children.

We all want to be best “me” possible. This is the way you think of yourself, right?

The beauty of living in a period of life with so much opportunity, you can be anyone that you want to be.

Unfortunately, our mindset is not always focused on goals or we simply feel we’re not worthy of greatness.

Some of you may not believe in yourself.

But that stops today, it stops this very minute because I’m going to teach you how to reach your life goals and how you can reach any milestone you set.


In this guide, I’m going to discuss;

  • The Continuous Transition Of Life
  • You Are Always Changing
  • Seeing Opportunity For What It Is
  • Creating Meaningful Goals
  • What I Do To Reach Goals
  • Accountability Matters
  • Creating Momentum To Achieve Your Goals
  • Put In The Work To Succeed


The Continuous Transition Of Life

I remember when I was renting an apartment for $325 a month.

I heard of a house coming up for rent at $450 a month. It was with the same landlord. Bill (my landlord) told me I could have it if I wanted it.

I said of course! But I remember being scared to death. How am I going to afford another $125 a month? Truth be told, this isn’t a lot of money but it caused me a lot of sleepless nights.

Looking back now, I laugh and smile that I let that extra $125 bother me so much.

This was a transition in my life. We all go through them. You have went through these transitions too. Don’t let these transitions in life “define” you because in the end, it’s only a transition and you’ve made it through many times before.

Think about your life as a child. How many friends have come and gone? Do you remember the first time your best friend moved away? It’s a part of life, it’s natural. Transitions are a part of life.

How many of you have been in a financial transition? For better or worse? I remember when I was making $100 every two weeks. We all experience these.

The point to take away? Simply put, the changes in your life are change and nothing more. It’s how you respond to that change that matters. You can either let it defeat you, dwell on it or see the opportunity for what it is.

You Are Always Changing

You never stay in the same place, situation or scenario.

Think about this, you don’t always make the same money. You don’t always live in the same place. You don’t always have the same friends.  I’ve found when we quit creating goals, we get bored. If you’ve been the type to create goals all your life, this can even lead to depression and w

You hear the talk about retiring, I remember coaching a guy named Dave.

Dave was 62 at the time and had a very successful launch of a product. He made millions of dollars, retired and was off to play golf for the rest of his life, that’s what he thought he wanted to do.

2 months later, Dave called me and said “I’m bored Richard.” Dave was passionate about golf. He always wrote down his goals, milestones and his visions. Once he stepped out of this cycle, he quickly found that his life was a lot different without having goals.

My point, we should always set goals. When you have enough money to retire, it doesn’t mean you should quit setting goals for yourself.

Seeing Opportunity For What It Is

Is it fair to say that every transition and change in our life brings new opportunity? I’d say so.

All change isn’t bad. Many of us don’t like change. Those who don’t, you likely look for routine and structure in your life. There’s nothing wrong about being in that mindset, but you have to be open for all change because opportunities can come from the most unlikely of places.

Let me reference another real-life example of this. 

I was the type that didn’t like change. I still remember the day, time and place when I had the choice to stay at my cook job or do internet marketing as a career.

For myself, it was unexpected because the first few months I worked multiple jobs. I was scared to go solo on internet marketing. I just received my first client for social media marketing.

Then came the opportunity I wasn’t expecting, I was scheduled to work at the same time I had a meeting with a new client. Opportunity came knocking and in this case, I had one of the most important decisions to make in my life. Even after 11 years, that one decision shaped my future, my career, my way of life.

I’d be blind to say that I knew that decision would such an impact, but it did. In life, it’s up to you to see these life changing opportunities.

Creating Meaningful Goals

If you think planning goals are worthless, I ask you to change your mindset.

Grab a piece of paper and pencil/pen.

I want to teach you a technique that I once thought was foolish, I’ll admit that. But I promise it will have meaning and purpose in your life.

Where do you want to be at in the near future? I want you to write down realistic goals. It can be business or personal.

For me, I want to grow Richard Hale Media to become a business earning $10 million dollars a year. That’s within my reach, it’s a realistic goal.

You should have many goals, but this is just one example of many things it can be.

Now, for the past 8 years, I’ve wrote down my goals every morning I arrive in the office. Think about this, every day ladies and gentlemen for the past 8 years.


  1. It reminds me daily of the goals I want to reach.
  2. This ritual has become my accountability. 
  3. It keeps me focused on what needs done and where I’m going professionally and personally.
  4. It’s my morning motivation. Motivation matters in this a lot.


Following this ritual changed my life. I know it can change yours.

What I Do To Reach My Goals

How can you ensure you reach the goals you set?

Glad you asked. There’s a wide range of different tips I can give you hear.

Here’s some of the things I do.

Vision Board

I love vision boards. Remember how I talked about writing goals down every morning when I get into the office, this is a visual approach to that.

Now, it’s said we connect with visual elements more so than just plain text.

You can make vision boards for home, your office or you can have a team member vision board to help with completing goals. There’s no wrong answer here.

This is a great way to focus on achieving goals. Seeing this every morning you get up or get to work, it can be motivational and powerful.

Detailed Step By Step Path

Some goals are easier to reach than others. Some goals are simple in theory, others are complex.

When I have complex goals I want to achieve, I write down the steps I need to take to get there.

Although goals can be complex, don’t think anything is written in stone. Goals can change, steps can change, you’ll face these transitions in your life.

Remember, some things will be out of your hands, so your goals (no matter how detailed they may be) are subject to change.

I still want you to follow them as closely as you can, but be versatile in planning them.

Realistic Goals

You have to keep your life goals and business goals realistic.

If I own a business that is currently worth $20 million dollars, a realistic goal would be improving my business to be worth $30 million. If I reached for $100 million, that’s likely beyond the realm of “realistic.”

Milestones can be helpful in this approach. Using the same example above, I may write down my goals and suggest milestones to reach $22 million, $24 million and so on.

Again, you don’t have to be accurate, but you must be realistic.

Accountability Matters

Have you found it hard to complete your goals when you’re the only one going after them?

I know I have, it’s tough when you don’t have accountability.

Just like in fitness, motivation plays a key role in accomplishing your goals.

For all of you that are leading a team, business, group, you need to be that motivational factor for others. This is a key quality of leadership.

Creating Momentum To Achieve Your Goals

I haven’t read much about momentum when achieving your goals, but it’s another big factor in your success.

This is why we want to list some goals in order.


  • Goal One – Build A Website
  • Goal Two – Build 10 Pages Focused On Leadership
  • Goal Three – Launch Website And Begin Promoting
  • Goal Four – Build Facebook Page And Group

As we get closer to accomplishing the “end goal,” it gets exciting. So does momentum play a key role? Absolutely

Momentum can drive us and motivate us to complete our goals. If you can list your goals in order like the example, make sure you do it.

Remember to take your goals one step at a time and to write them down. Leave them in a place you’ll see every day.

Be accountable for your goals and accountable for the goals of those you lead.

Put In The Work To Succeed

Lastly, you have to put in the work to accomplish your goals.

You can’t wait around and hope they come true, you have to plan your goals and take action.



5 Key Tips For Starting A Business

5 Key Tips For Starting A Business

You want to start your own business. Congrats, it’s a big step.

I remember when I first began researching about starting a business. Even more than a decade ago, there was a lot of information online about starting and running a business.

Looking back now, 95 percent of the content was total B.S. Fast forward to now and there’s even more. Point of the story, be careful where you get your information.

Now, let’s talk about starting a business. What are the 5 most important factors when starting a new business?

(1) You Need A Plan For Your Business

Rule number one, you need a business plan. Don’t shoot in the dark, don’t make guesses, be a straight shooter and follow your roadmap.

While this may only be a hobby for you or a test, you have to be serious about your business. A detailed business plan is important for a number of different reasons.

First, you need to take steps, getting task accomplished. Goal 1, Goal 2, Goal 3.

Key note, your business plan should be flexible if you need to pivot. New businesses pivot all the time, so don’t make a plan that limits you and your business.

(2) Building Your “A” Team

One of the most important steps a business can take is hiring the right people.

Look, you’re going to go through peaks and valleys (likely) trying to find a group of people that share your passion.

Your role as a leader is to ensure you put the right people in the right place and give them everything they need to excel. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that’s a part of the process. Don’t get upset if you go through a few dozen applicants, it happens more than you think.

You’re only as good as the team you surround yourself with, that’s a fact. If I can give you one tip for hiring, choose creative, smarter people.

If you’re looking for strategic partners or investors, make sure they share your mission and goals.

Work with mentors to get the knowledge and experience you need. All of these relationships are priority.

(3) Never Stop Improving And Learning

I would of never been a successful business owner of multiple businesses if I didn’t adopt this philosophy when I first started my career.

I always had a passion for helping others, marketing, analytics, being an influencer.

For more than a decade, I’ve been learning something new that relates to my career every single day. Anything that can give me more knowledge in my field, more expertise, a competitive advantage over my competition, I do it. I’ve been doing it for a long time. I strive to be the best in the world and it takes that dedication to become successful.

Knowledge is powerful. The old saying is often true, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

(4) Building Genuine Relationships

Another important step to starting a business is building genuine relationships. It doesn’t matter what people are to you, treat them with the respect they deserve. It could be your spouse, family, friends, strangers, customers, staff, you need to become a people’s person.

You can’t grow your business alone. You will eventually need help, we can only do so much. Always treat people like you want to be treated. Very important.

All of your relationships will play a role in your success or failure. Having relationships in place will likely bring more opportunities for you personally and professionally. You never know when a new friend can lead to your next business venture or a great opportunity to grow your business.

As for customers, you should focus on excelling in customer service. Happy customers come back, they stay longer and customer retention is a critical component of successful businesses.

Always take of your customers.

(5) Never Doubt What You Can Do

We all make mistakes when we start a business. If this is your first business, you’re going to make mistakes. Don’t let them drag you down, you have to stay motivated. Motivation plays a big role in growing your own business.

If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will. This is your business, obviously you’ve come a long way if you’re in the position to start a business.

You have to be the leader, you have to be the role model in your business. Abide by your mission and values, lead by example. Eyes will always be on you, so be consistent but be fair.

I love storytelling in a business and the results show it works. However, I don’t want you to venture away from your unique story and what you offer. We all have a story, it’s your turn to tell yours. Don’t get caught up trying to be someone you’re not or trying to tell a great story about you, be honest where you came from and how you’re now at the point to be a business owner.

You can be great, we all have that ability. It’s up to you to take what you learned today and start applying it to your life.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content plays a crucial role in every business and if you get it wrong, your business can fail. Content can refer to website pages, blog post, videos, press releases, guest post and any other type of strategy you use to deliver your message to your audience.

What Is Content Marketing?

The fall of traditional marketing tactics and the rise of the internet is what gave content marketing meaning and life. While print advertising and television are in decline, more and more companies are moving toward marketing strategies revolved around content.

Defined, content marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on delivering consistent, valuable and relevant content to a specific targeted audience. The goals of content marketing should have purpose, getting a customer to buy, getting a customer to subscribe or any other type of action deemed profitable to the business.

We all create content to serve different purposes but ultimately there’s a ending goal that should be met. This is exactly why I tell business owners that every piece of content developed should have a purpose.

Blog post go up by the millions daily and the majority of them are published to get something new up. This is the wrong way to think about your content because there’s no value or benefit to that. Sure, if you have a big email list, it can bring it traffic. However, if it’s not a post that has objectives and goals, you’re under utilizing your content.

What’s The Purpose Of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy to focus on when done correctly. We use content marketing strategies to give our target audience and readers content that is valuable, useful and purposely placed to get an end result.

Content marketing integrates with several online marketing strategies to improve performance and growth. You’ll see content used to build list for email marketing campaigns. We see content marketing used to enhance search engine optimization. Content marketing works hand-in-hand with social media marketing.

How many of you use SEO and social media to grow your business? Nearly all of us do, so understanding how content marketing works alone and how it influences other marketing techniques is very important.

Alone, content marketing is utilized to communicate and build relationships with your customers. Content is used to engage our customers, it gives them an opportunity to engage with your company.

I want to be clear, content marketing goes beyond publishing content on a website. You need to be aware of your global content strategy, focusing on all the content you publish on blogs, social media platforms, press releases, news releases, videos and any other type of content your business uses to reach your target audience.

It’s a mistake publishing content without purposes or goals. Your business should have an unified content marketing plan for all your channels.

What Type Of Content Does Your Business Need To Publish

It’s a fair question, what type of content should you focus on? With so many means to publish content, where can a company start to plan and implement content strategies?

You can rely on just good content. There’s too much competition and content out there. You have to stick out in the crowd. Due to this, you need great content.

Before you publish another piece of content, think about the type of content your audience wants to read. For those of you that have established audiences, the solution is easier to find. Here’s a few things you can do.

  • If you’re tracking data with Google Analytic, search through your content and find which articles have been viewed the most. This is a quick easy way to see what types of content your audience likes. You can then start focusing on those topics and using them globally (on all your marketing channels).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they want to read. You can ask them to respond with an email or you can provide a survey. If you ask the right questions, you can get the insights you need to optimize your content marketing.
  • If none of your content is getting results, it’s time to step back and evaluate what’s wrong. It’s possible that your content doesn’t interest your audience. If the quality of your content is low, that can be a problem. Does your content provide value to your readers?
  • Understanding the needs, goals and problems of your audience can help.


Building A Content Strategy Map

I love this idea and it’s a great way to begin tracking your content marketing strategies. It’s simple to do and you can make it as complex as you’d like.

  • Map out the content topics and titles you’re publishing on your website.
  • Map out your topics for your social media channels. You can group them all together or by social platform.
  • Map out content topics and titles you use for videos.
  • You can include keyword targets and hashtags used via social media.
  • Go ahead and map out your video titles and topics also.


Tracking data is vital to implementing the right strategies for marketing your business. Make sure you have Google Analytics going so you can track all of your content. As for your social media content, you’ll have to document the results unless you have social media software that tracks social post on a post-to-post basis.

Most social media platforms do have some sort of analytic data being stored, so make sure you’re keep track of important social metrics.

Lastly, don’t forget to track dates and times with your content. Certain days and times may perform better than others. You can follow the peak hour times, but every industry is different. I’d rather rely on my own data and test, do the same for your business.

What Are Your Content Goals?

Now that you’ve had a few minutes to think and read through this guide, what types of goals do you want to accomplish with your content?

Go to the whiteboard or pull out a piece of paper. I recommend doing this to learn, we’re more effective when we take notes and write our research down. Then I practice teaching it, it’s very effective for learning anything.

If you need some ideas, try thinking about these goals for your content.

  • Content for brand awareness.
  • Content for lead generation.
  • Content to build new subscribers to your website or blog.
  • Content to nurture your audience.
  • Content to increase conversions.
  • Content for upsells and downsells.
  • Content to build loyalty with your audience.
  • Content to for customer retention.
  • Content for customer service.


Your Content Better Be Great

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is publishing content these days and you or your business can’t afford not to create great content. I consider myself a great writer and I’ve been told that many times.

When I first started writing, I didn’t know what it took to create a great article. After more than a decade writing, I’ve learned a lot. Here’s my recommendations for creating great valuable content your audience will love.

  1. Readers love a great case study that details the process you’re writing about step-by-step.
  2. We all love a great story. More so, we all love great storytelling.
  3. Try to make your content original. It’s tough these days I know, but be as original as you can be.
  4. Make your content actionable. Give clear actionable steps your readers can put into action.
  5. Great headlines are crucial to great content. Many readers view headlines only.
  6. Be able to provide solutions and answers to problems you cover.
  7. Create content that engages your readers and provokes engagement.


Practice makes perfect when trying to create great content. Experiment with the 7 different tips above when writing your next article. If you can hit on every point, more power to you! Always view your article as a user would and this will allow you to see your content from a different perspective. Ask a team member or manager to read your article, sometimes a second perspective is needed to make epic content.


Content Will Continue To Be The Essential Ingredient For Success

As we head to 2017, content is still going to be an important piece of the marketing puzzle. It’s up to you and your business to make sure your content is sending the right message to your audience.

As more content is published online, you have to stay above the curb by being creative, engaging content for your readers. It’s never too late to reverse your current content marketing strategy. There’s a number of good tips in this guide you can put into action today.

I love hearing your feedback and thoughts, so be sure to leave me a message. Until next time, this is Richard signing off.

Customer Service: Strengthening Your Customer Relationships

Customer Service: Strengthening Your Customer Relationships

There’s no question that customer service is vital to your business. Can bad services cause a business to fail? Absolutely.

A lot of you are entrepreneurs and small business owners, most of you likely don’t have a customer support team or agents. Even so, customer service still plays an important role.

This customer service guide will cover both sides of the fence, so I’ll be discussing customer service in the enterprise setting and small business setting. First, we’ll take a closer look at the definition of customer service.

The assistance and advice provided by a company (or individual) to those people who buy or use its products or services.

The old definition refers to assistance and advice from a company. My new definition includes individuals, the entrepreneurs of the world. I feel it should be there, right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or you manage the sales team, all of us that interact with customers have the responsibility to provide customer service. It doesn’t matter if a customer service department is in place, all of us have to take care of our customers. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself out of business or in a new position.

No business can survive without customers and no business can last without good customer service. Is that fair to say? Customer service can be the foundation of a growing business or it can be the reason you have customers exiting out the back door. Customer service relates to us all, it relates to many roles, many positions.

The real question I want to answer for you today, how can we use customer service to grow our business? What customer service strategies and techniques work the best?

In this customer service guide, we’ll be discussing;

  • Your Role In Customer Service
  • The Impact Of Customer Service
  • Evolving Customer Service
  • How Important Is Customer Experience
  • How We Can Provide Better Customer Service
  • The Way You Treat Customers


Marketing Your Local Business

Marketing Your Local Business

Technology has opened up the doors of opportunity and I’m seeing more and more strategies to help local businesses.

If you own a local business or small business, pay close attention to this guide, I’m going to show you to increase traffic and leads to your business.

What business doesn’t need more customers, right? These are sure fire strategies I’ve seen in action, that I use for myself to bring in fresh leads and customers every month.

In my Marketing Your Local Business guide, you’ll learn;

  • Why You Need Your Own Website
  • Focusing On The Path Users Take On Your Website
  • Where Is Your Target Audience
  • Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing
  • Google Analytic
  • Everyone Is Using Social Media
  • Building The Foundation Of Your Network
  • Social Media Is A Huge Opportunity For Your Business
  • Local Groups And Communities
  • What Makes Your Business Different
  • Video Marketing
  • Test Your Marketing Strategies


Why You Need Your Own Website?

Your local business needs to look professional at all times and that starts with your own company domain. I’m not referring to a Wix website or a Blogger blog. These platforms can serve a purpose, but not for a professional website. You don’t want a sub-domain, you want your own company domain.

If I’m a customer and the only platform I can find for your business is a Blogger site, or any type of free blog platform, I’m going to question everything. Appearance matters and what customers see on your website matters. You can get a WordPress website, a domain and hosting for under $70 a year at GoDaddy.

I see a lot of local businesses and small businesses still without a website. One of the reasons they struggle is because they don’t have an unique domain. Get it fixed before you even attempt to start marketing.

Your website serves many purposes, but one such purpose is trust and professionalism. Your website is a trust factor, it allows you to look authentic.

Focusing On The Path Users Take On Your Website

I’ve evaluated thousands of businesses in my 11+ years and I’ve learned that many web designers don’t focus on the path users will take to buy products and services. Those that do understand the concept often complicate the process and this can kill your conversions.

Simple is often better, especially if your target audience is older. Your customers may not understand technology like you do. It happens a lot across many industries, a lot when the target customer age is 40 or older.

Your website copy and messaging often focuses more on branding than focusing on your customer. This is a mistake. Your primary products and services need to be clear.

Take the time to map out your content and the path you want customers to take. Are you making this clear to customers? Is there side distractions on your website that take your customer’s attention away from your end goals? 

Where Is Your Target Audience?

Sure, your customers are local, we already know that much. Where do they spend their time online? Are they spending time on social media? Are they using Topix? If no one knows your local business exist, you can’t wait on customers to find you. Go out there and find them.

Depending on where you live and the type of business you own, there’s a wide variety of internet hot spots customers use on a daily basis or frequent basis. We need to figure out how we can tap into those platforms and drive traffic to your website.

When you’re marketing your small business, you need to be in front of potential customers and prospects. You need to be aware of the devices they use, where they live and all the different platforms they use. Fortunately for us, we have Google Analytic and it will be one of the top resources you have for your business.

Where can we find our local customers?

  • Social Media
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search Engine
  • Bing and Yahoo Search Engines
  • Local Directory
  • Local Forum
  • Local Classifieds
  • Local Magazine
  • Local Newspaper
  • Local Radio
  • Local Media Outlet

Offline Marketing vs Online Marketing

There’s two ways you can be marketing your local business, either offline marketing or online marketing.

Offline, you do have several ways to promote your local business. Newspaper, radio, print advertising and classifieds are all options. Print marketing is a dying local marketing strategy. Although this is true, you can still benefit using it.

Most local businesses are turning to online marketing to reach new customers. Social media marketing is one of the top local marketing techniques being used. Search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing and other local online marketing strategies are becoming more effective as the internet has become accessible.

I still know offline marketing can be valuable to your local business. Those strategies need to be implemented, tested, analyzed and optimized. For most of you, you’ll be able to find most of your customers through online marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytic is a mandatory resource you need to understand your audience. It’s the top tool when it comes to tracking data and getting to know your customer’s behavior on your website.

Analytics is free to sign up for, it can be a little tricky to learn but the data points you get back is extremely important to your business. If you don’t track your marketing campaigns, how will you know if it worked well or not?

The data can be used to optimize your marketing to be more effective. If you have a ecommerce site, selling physical products, Google can track sales and conversions. You can set up goals to track progress. Sure, for many of you it will be a learning curve. However, it’s going to be vital to your success.

Now that you know we need a website, Google Analytic and we’re focusing on our target audience, we can start planning to focus on our marketing plan for your local business.

Social Media Is A Huge Opportunity For Your Business

Are your customers using social media? I’m going to say “yes.” Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat continue to grow at massive paces. This equals more opportunities for you.

Every local business owner needs to invest a few hours a week for social media, especially Facebook.


Facebook is the world’s top social media platform and the most widely used, meaning a perfect opportunity for you to reach new customers.

Check out my Facebook Marketing Guide.

Facebook has over a billion active users. I know a lot of small businesses build Facebook pages and profiles. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what you need to focus on is paid Facebook advertising. This way, you can target exactly who you want. If you’re not sure how to run Facebook ads, click on my guide above.

With Facebook ads, you should be able to afford $50 a week (hopefully). If you fear you can’t run ads, give us a call and we’ll set them up for you.


I’m a big fan of Instagram. If you have a younger audience, this is the perfect playground. See, Facebook owns Instagram and that’s why I know it will continue growing and only get better.

Instagram is not like Facebook in the sense that Instagram is a mobile platform, meaning we access it through Instagram applications. Instagram has a lot of advantages over Facebook, especially when it comes to easy engagement. With Instagram, you can create engagement quicker than Facebook. (results will vary)

This social giant is quickly growing and already has over 400 million users.

Learn more about using Instagram to grow your business with our Instagram marketing strategies.


Snapchat is another fast growing social platform with a lot of promise. At the moment, Snapchat has more active users than Instagram.

71% of Snapchat’s U.S. users fall into the 18 to 34 age range. If this is your target audience age group, it would make sense to utilize Snapchat to reach them.

Live social media marketing is the big advantage with Snapchat. You can host live events, live product launches or trade shows.

Social media giveaways are always popular and this is a great way to show your community you care.


Google My Business is one of the most important steps you’ll take to become a local business powerhouse in your city.

Organic traffic from Google, being found in Google Maps and Google Search is vital to the success of many businesses. The first step to letting Google know who you are is by signing up for Google My Business.

Here, you’ll be able to list your business. You need an accurate physical address. Google will send you a postcard that needs to be verified online in your account. Once that code is submitted, your business will be verified with Google and you’ll see an instant boost in your listings, results and SEO.

Google also has a social media community known as Google+. Google+ has thousands of online communities you can join or you can create your own. Engagement is a crucial factor for any business marketing online. Some communities are broad, but you can create your own. You can create local communities, this is a great strategy.

I hope you want to be an influencer in your niche, a leader that sparks creation. It doesn’t matter if you’re marketing local or you have an international enterprise, you need to engage customers.

Local Groups And Community

You want local customers talking about your business. Granted, hopefully in positive ways but building personal relationships with your customers are important. Forums, groups and communities can be powerful resources for a local business. The key is knowing how to use them.

With Facebook, you can create group pages, either open to the public or a private group. These are great for engaging customers, leads or followers. You can do the same on Google+ as I discussed earlier. As customers, we want to build relationships with brands, The engagement allows for great discussions, ideas and feedback.

There’s tens of thousands of forums online you can use to reach new customers. We want to add value to our communities. Most forums don’t allow you to advertise unless you pay and then some still don’t allow it. Join relative forums because this is where your customers will be.

What Makes Your Business Different?

It’s never too early to start thinking about how your business is different. What makes your local business unique? Different from your competitors?

One mistake is thinking it’s simple to market a business locally due to the competition level. While that can be true, it’s the wrong mindset of thinking. I want you to be mindful of your competition, you have to be. However, there must be something unique about your business that makes you one-of-a-kind. It can be a service or product, a guarantee, your customer service.

If you don’t know what this is, I encourage you to take some time to think about it.

Video Marketing

Video has always been popular but with the addition of live video, the video marketing industry is exploding. Again, this is an opportunity for your business to create new marketing channels to bring in new local customers.

YouTube already has millions of users and a powerful platform any local business can penetrate. YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Periscope all have live video that you can use to grow your base.

Learning video editing is going to be important. However, it’s not mandatory to know. As long as you’re adding value to customers, simple videos can be powerful marketing.

Test Your Marketing Strategies

I’ve discussed a lot of different ways you can market your local business. Some of these may work great for your particular business, others may not. You won’t know until you test your marketing strategies. We won’t know until we test each strategy.

If you need someone to implement these strategies for you, be sure to contact us.