Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself

Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself


Two words I want you to remember now and as you read through this guide on investing in yourself, Leverage and Human Capital. I’ll get to this at the end of the guide.

I’m going to show how investing in you can help you grow your business, start a new business or how you can apply it to different scenarios in your life.

I know all of you are at different journeys in your life. Some of you are just getting started in business, learning what you can. And good for you. Others have made some money, some may have made a lot. Then there’s those who are still at the job they hate, just looking for that one opportunity to spark change.

After all, we’ve been there. Do you remember when you finally quit that 9-5 job? The nerves, being unsure. Yet, you felt the power of freedom, the release is amazing and you get a whole new outlook in life. It’s a powerful life changing moment for all of us following our dreams.

Today’s guide is all about Investing In Yourself and it’s a powerful lesson full of value, I’m glad you’re here reading, moment can be life changing.

  • The Power Of Knowledge And How It Applies To Your Life
  • Why Fear Holds Us Back From Being Great
  • That One Moment That Will Test Your Will To The Core
  • Your Best Leverage Is Your Strengths
  • Human Capital
  • The Importance Of Relationships

The Power Of Knowledge And How It Applies To Your Life

I don’t care what age you are, it’s never to late to make changes in your life, live your potential and be great. Some of us are stubborn to the core and it takes a years to get that “ah-ha” moment.

Knowledge is the key to success, in any industry, in any market and how it pertains to your life is what you make of that knowledge. You can be the smartest person in the room but if you don’t have the creativity to put a great idea to use, it defeats the purpose.

If you sincerely want to be a successful entrepreneur, a successful teacher or what ever it may be, you must invest in yourself. If you want to grow your business and be an influencer, you need that knowledge and wisdom. One simple easy way to boost your knowledge is through books.

Think about the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Warren Buffett. Do you think you stand the opportunity to learn something from a man that has created billions of dollars for himself? Of course you can but you are the only one that can take advantage of it, nobody can do it for you. This is one way you self-invest.  When I made reading a daily ritual in my life, it completely changed and it will do the same for you.

If you don’t like reading, no worries, there’s tons of audio files online that will allow you to listen. You have to be striving to be the best “YOU” you can be.

You can apply this to any situation or scenario you face in life, it could be applying for a job, it could be starting a business or it could be building a better relationship with your spouse. Knowledge and understanding will open every opportunity you seek in life, but there’s no short cuts. You need that knowledge. The only person you can count on without a question of doubt is yourself.

Why Fear Holds Us Back From Being Great

One single word, this one emotion holds us back from being  able to be great. That word is FEAR.

Think about it for a moment. What are your fears? What are you afraid of in life? Think about them in your head.

Are they holding you back from being what you really want to be in life? Of course they are because this is the mindset you’ve created for yourself.

The brain is a powerful thing, one that loves patterns. You hear Anthony Robbins talking about this a lot, the different patterns we create. Fear is no different, we have to break that.

You have the opportunity to be great. You can be the best you possible, you can do anything you set your mind to. However, if you fear asking for that promotion or fear being rejected, the mindset you have created can cause you to never pursue what you really want in life.

Focus on your fears for a moment and apply it to any scenario in your life. How long have you had these fears? I bet for many of you, we’re talking about years. We often create these patterns to hide things that happened in the past. They become our ritual, they become a part of us. Where did this fear start? Often, that’s the answer to our fears in the first place. This can be a tough exercise but I sincerely don’t want you to fear anything.

Your fears are made up by you and only you. While the reasoning behind those fears differ in us all, the one common thing we all share is the fact that we made our fears up. To be great in life, we must fear not. You have to own every moment created. This points back to a quote you’ve likely heard, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” Today, you need to leave your fears for good. After all, it was you that made them to be fears in the first place. Now you have the power to reverse those fears and never bring them up again.

That One Moment That Will Test Your Will To The Core

This is an important area for me. I know my life’s purpose, I saw this and understood it at an early age. Yet, I lost it for years and through my own trials, I was fortunate to find it again.

I spent a few years being homeless, my own fault. However, I grew and it was a valuable lesson for me. When you lose everything you have, you hit rock bottom, it opens your eyes. I will never go back. Not because I’m special, not because I’m successful, not because of my status. Why? Because I invested in myself from that day on.

See, my whole life changed, my perception. I quit blaming others, I owned my mistakes and failures. Failure doesn’t signify who you are as a person, it signifies you’re trying. Failure will lead you to the right solution. Failure is a part of learning and don’t let it get you down.

Knowledge became my passion, wanting to be a leader, an influencer, wanting to be the best at anything I did. The scenario in my life gave me new meaning, new hope, but most importantly, it changed my way of thinking.

If you’re a negative person, a Charlie Brown personality, you are going to have that storm cloud overhead. You have to change your way of thinking, especially all of you that are or will be helping others. Keep the negativity away from your life, work, family and friends.

A lot of us have played this type of scenario before, a few of you may have not. You always need a positive mindset.

When you’re around family, friends, co-workers, partners or clients, be consistently positive and creating good vibes. Nobody wants to be with Debby Downer. This is going to help you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your Best Leverage Is Your Strengths

Leverage is powerful in business. It can launch your career and guide it to levels never thought possible. The key is using leverage.

All of you are great at something. It could be crunching numbers and analytics, it could be playing poker or perhaps you’re a great storyteller. Only you know what skills and talent that is.

There’s two ways you can invest in yourself and one is investing in your strengths.

With how it relates to business, you can make money from your strengths and skills. The internet is exploding and building your own business is easier than ever. Who knows how long the window of opportunity will last, we just don’t know anything for certain. There’s a lot of ways you can build your business and grow.

  • Make how-to YouTube videos based on your skills
  • You can also go how-to on a blog and sign up for affiliate offers where you can earn commissions for what you sale
  • If you’re great at social media, you can do company’s social media accounts, social media marketing.
  • If you’re a professional mechanic or doctor, you can answer questions online and get paid.
  • You can start an online store, sell products from Amazon and never have to ship a single item.

These are only a small percentage of what you can do by leveraging your skills, skills you already have.

The other way is learning new skills and techniques.

The demand for web developers, online marketers and SEOs are at all-time highs. Can you learn these skills? Absolutely.

Here’s the thing, I feel the school systems have failed us. Sorry but I call it as I see it. Outside of a few core programs, college only leads us to debt and few opportunities afterward.

In America alone, we’re one trillion dollars in debt owed for student loans. That’s crazy. I went to school too, $30K in debt for nothing. Don’t make the same mistake. If you’re going to be a lawyer or doctor, that’s different. The majority of programs are useless and is no value to you, so be careful.

Anyone reading this right now can take the steps to learn anything they want. That’s the beauty of the internet, there’s content covering everything. I’m a college dropout and I’m on pace to make 7 figures next year. How? I leveraged my natural skills and learned new skills. I made a genuine effort to learn, you can’t expect to half-ass anything. And it’s not all about working harder, it’s about working smarter.

I use to work 80 hours a week. Now, I work half that and make X5 what I did back then.

Learn new skills, subscribe to our email list here. We’re always giving out VALUE to help you in your life. I want to see you do great things. Build upon your natural skills, learn new skills and keep building knowledge.

Human Capital

A lot of people don’t understand human capital, but it’s a powerful strategy you can use to invest in you.

By definition, human capital is the skills, knowledge, and experience possessed by an individual or population, viewed in terms of their value or cost to an organization or country.

In other words, your value is dependent on how another views your talent, your self-worth to them.

Oh… I see where you’re getting to. We self-invest to raise our worth to others. It’s a very strong leverage to have and if you’re a great at something, you can make a lot of money.

I want financial freedom for you. Sure, money is not everything, but it’s everything else. It cost to live, it cost to take the kids to Disney Land. It cost to take your business partners to Hawaii. Everything cost, might as well make what you deserve to make.

To all the 9-5ers reading this, I challenge you to follow in the same steps I took. I started with SEO, search engine optimization. I learned this on my own, self-taught. Sorry, you don’t need a MBA in marketing to succeed today. All you need is YOU and a 100 percent commitment to be the best YOU possible. If you don’t believe me, look at the huge tech giants of today that started in garages. You are no different.

Millionaires and billionaires I know, many are college dropouts and several didn’t even go to high school. Schools have failed us anyway. Let me get back on point here.

I started working online while I was at my 9-5 job. Long days? You bet. A lot to learn? You know it. Worth it? Well, it would of took me 100 years to make a million dollars there. So to trade one year for 100, you see my point.

Refer back to Knowledge, the more you learn these skills, the more value you bring to yourself and anyone else hiring. The demand is high and it will be for years to come.

I never said it was easy nor did I say it’s overnight. There’s work to be done, but it’s not rocket science, anyone of you can do it and SEO is just one way to make money.

The reason for human capital, its because you can invest in yourself and make more money, be more successful, have a more fulfilling life. Invest in you and if I can do it, you can do it.

The only question left, what are you worth?

The Importance Of Relationships

I know some of you may be looking for guidance in a relationship. You can apply these same things to your life in any relationship.

I want people to value you, I want them to be excited to see you and that all starts with what we discussed prior, a positive mindset. Carry a smile, carry a positive outlook on life and have no fear.

Relationships are crucial to love and romance, the only thing missing is the way you treat others.

Please treat one another with respect and dignity. If you’re a personal coach or business coach as I am, we want to bring people up. We want to get the best out of them and you can teach them what you learned today. This works for us all because all of us are human.

We all want to be liked and loved, so love one another like you love yourself.

Be genuine and grateful to spend time with a partner, a friend or a lover. Show them what you feel their worth is. You’ll be amazed how your life can change. Try it, you’ll soon see.


How To Tie A Tie

How To Tie A Tie

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to tie a tie? Well, I have. I always wondered why it was so damn tricky to do. It’s not like it’s rocket science you know.

You’d think we should have How To Tie A Tie 101 in school, but once again, the school system fails us.

In business, we’re told to “dress for the job we want.” If you want that big corporate job, you better dress the part.

If you’ve been told looks don’t matter, you were told wrong. They matter a lot in business. Show up in front of investors in your tee shirt and shorts, watch them tell you no faster than you can sit down.

Yes, a lot of us entrepreneurs work from home. Heck, I’m writing this in my night clothes. Even if you’re an internet guru, at some point and time, you’ll be required to wear a suit and tie.

I hope you take your look serious because if you do, people will take you more serious.

Sure, it’s different when people know you, I give you a pass. But I know if you’re giving keynotes, you want to look your best.

Why Go With The Tie?

Now, this is personal preference here, but I feel the tie completes the look. That’s my style, you can create your own. The main point I want to get across to you is dressing for success.

I’ve met a lot of great people from around the world, some of the smartest and creative people you’ll ever meet. Some of them literally have the world at their hands. But when it comes to style, these guys look like a car wreck. You can tell they’ve been hiding behind a computer.

Some people complain about the price of suits, but you don’t have to buy a $1K suit to pull off a good look. You can get a good suit, pants and a tie for $50 if you want.

Plenty Of Styles, Colors And Options

Learning To Tie A Tie

Some men prefer to wear suits and ties that match their brand, it’s actually a good idea. Other men choose to wear what they want. We even see men that dress like Hollywood celebrities, dressing after their favorite actor. The possibilities are endless and that’s the point, you can create any look that you want.

I like to be comfortable. If you’re getting your first suit, I would recommend getting your suit fitted. There’s nothing worse than a suit that doesn’t fit right.

Dress The Part

It’s important to look professional at all times. I’m not talking about around the house or your weekend fishing trip. I’m referring when you’re doing business, speaking at events, attending seminars, or what ever it may be. Always keep a professional appearance.

It’s just a known fact that people will treat you different if you’re professionally dressed.

Be sure to keep that in mind.

I don’t think you have to be “over the top” to be noticed, but you do make your own style.

Why You Make Your Own Style

While the most expensive suit can make you look great, it’s your passion, personality and soul that makes your style. It’s the combination of them all that gives you swag.

It doesn’t matter if ties are your thing or you go with a blazer, own your style.

Be confident, be bold but always be grateful.