Hey everyone, Richard Hale here. Thanks for your visit, I have a great guide for you today on social giant Instagram and how you can gain more followers using Instagram.

There’s no question that Instagram is a relatively new social platform (only 7 years old) and since it’s owned by Facebook now, the company has took off. Instagram is now one of the most used social media websites and the most used social media mobile platform.

What does it all mean for you and your business? OPPORTUNITY. Big opportunities for you to grow your business, grow your brand and make money.

I’m using these Instagram marketing strategies myself and for several businesses I manage, the results have been unbelievable. So ready to get started?

Hashtags On Instagram


To make the most out of your Instagram marketing and to help you target a specific audience, you need to know the terminology of your customers. This reflects on all of your social media marketing campaigns. Look, hashtags are nothing new, you’ve likely been using them anyway. Instagram is different from any other social platform in the sense I recommend using 15-20 relevant hashtags per post.

One of the most effective Instagram strategies I used was testing which hashtags received the most views, likes and followers. Experiment with different hashtags, test different hashtag sets and analyze your results. This will help you optimize future Instagram marketing campaigns. You’ll quickly find what works the best and then you can work on your hashtag sets per each post.

You can use websites like Hashtagify.me to find popular hashtags to use for your Instagram account. Remember though, you still want to unique hashtags that brand your business and still want to use hashtags your potential customers may use.

Design And Image Quality

Becoming successful on Instagram begins with beautiful images. If your photos don’t deliver on this fundamental point, you won’t gain many followers. Give people a reason for following you and post photos that show an exceptional moment in time. I know easier said than done, but go take a look at your competition or popular Instagram accounts. See how they utilize different pictures and what types of post they do.

You want to use images that are stunning or connect with your audience. In the same token, you want to brand yourself or business, optimizing your Instagram channel as much as possible. Websites like Canva make it super easy to add images and text to make your Instagram post. It’s free to use. Add your logo and add your website URL to the post, you can even add your name.

The Word Swag app is great for creating some awesome text fonts and graphic looks. Phonto is another that makes it easy to add text to images. Just as you’re going to test hashtags (remember that) you can test different fonts, graphics and formats to your post to see which your Instagram audience likes best.

Instagram Quotes

The Power Of Quotes

You can’t go wrong adding quotes to your Instagram feed. For those of you that are just starting your Instagram profile, quotes are a quick, fast way to gain early traction. Most of the high performing quotes on Instagram are lifestyle quotes and motivational quotes. These do well on Instagram.

If you search for popular Instagram hashtags, you’ll find quotes are among the most widely used.

The great thing about using quotes is the fact that you can use your own quotes. Honestly, you can use any quote that you want. You can use Canva as I showed you above to add your name, website or logo to the post. Positive quotes are an easy way to gain more Instagram followers.

Instagram Videos

Now that Instagram allows you to post videos, the sky is the limit. Instagram is the perfect playground and I can’t preach this enough. Video marketing is a big and it will be the main form of marketing in 2017 and beyond. We haven’t even seen the peak yet and we’re a decade plus into YouTube.

We all love watching video, we connect with videos better than images or text. Be sure to work with some Instagram videos and test some more strategies.

If you’re a small business or you do marketing like us, everyone needs to know how to create a video for their business or other businesses. Adobe is likely the best route to do your video edits, that’s at least what I would recommend.

Go Make Some Instagram Friends

I love connecting with new people, absolutely love it. We all have something special to show the world. The one thing you don’t want to do is be fake building relationships. I want you to be genuine and I want you to take a real interest in customers, in others. That’s the best customer service you can give your customers, treat them like you treat mom. Yeah, dead serious.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to connect with influencers. For the most part, you’ll connect with 1 out of every 30, give or take. Sure, it’s great to get a follow back, but you really want to connect with them. You want to start building a relationship with them.

When you first start an Instagram account or if you haven’t gained a lot of followers yet, go spend some time making the rounds. I want you to like other post, comment on other post. You don’t have to like everything you see, you can find things you have a real interest in and like those.

You do have to spend some time making friends and new connections. You can find leads all day long doing this.

Being Engaging And Influencial

We gravitate to those who are engaging and influence others, right?

We like to be part of the conversations and engagement. You have to take the time to go out and make new relationships. Again, be genuine.

There’s Instagram software out there that autofill comments, I never use them. People know when you’re genuine. This software is nothing special, many times these are easy to spot out.

It’s worth the investment to spend a few minutes every day engaging others.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Your Instagram Profile

This is the most important real estate you have on Instagram, it’s your profile ladies and gentlemen. This is your one chance to bring people in, so make sure your Instagram profile rocks.

Make sure your Instagram profile is detailed and be specific, let others know exactly what you do. This is the only place on Instagram that can have a live link, no other social media platform is like that. On Instagram, that’s the only link you get.

Now, that covers a lot of the different strategies and Instagram tools you can use on-site. Next, I want to take about taking pictures and images yourself, a few more tips I feel are important for the best image quality.

Instagram Followers

The numbers and data we have on Instagram suggest that the majority of the audience on Instagram is younger, but that doesn’t mean it’s less opportunities.

A lot of people jumped ship from Facebook to go to Instagram. Facebook saw this and bought them out. A lot of Instagram’s success is due to Facebook and their executive team knowing what to do.

Back to Instagram followers, we all want tens of thousands to follow us, but you don’t need that many followers for Instagram to work. You do need that profile link and you need to reference it in post to migrate potential customers to your landing pages.

Let me ask you this, would you rather have 10K followers with no visits to your landing pages or 1K followers and 100 visits to the website with sales? Of course, we take the money. Don’t get disappointed with your follower count, work on focusing users to get to your products and services.

Growing A Business With Instagram

Growing Your Business With Instagram

Can you use Instagram marketing to grow your business and brand? Absolutely, there’s no question about it.

Instagram is a great platform for all businesses. I have a few more Instagram marketing tips to help you start growing your business today.

  • Content – Make sure every post or video you make has a purpose.
  • Schedule – Publish your post at specific times through the week, especially during peak hours.
  • Consistency – You do want to be consistent with your post and videos.
  • Hashtags – Use hashtags that relate to your business, products and services.
  • Selling – Nobody wants to feel as they’re being sold, think about that before you publish your content.
  • Images – Use quality images; great to add your brand, logo and URL to your post.
  • Popular accounts – Learn what the hottest Instagram accounts do and learn how to use their techniques.


Run Your Test, Analyze And Optimize

I know… here we go with testing again. However, it’s a very important part of the process.

Test different hashtags, different images, different videos, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Always test it though, use different Instagram marketing strategies.

Always remember to be engaging.

If you have some Instagram marketing tips you want to share, be sure to leave me a comment!