Leverage Social Proof Growing Your Business

Hey there, Richard here. Thanks for joining us.

My career has been dedicated to helping business owners just like you. Over the past 11 years, I’ve learned a number of awesome growth hacks you can use to grow your business.

Despite knowing hundreds of hacks, there’s only one that’s powerful enough to double your business.

Social Proof

It’s called Social Proof.

The benefits of social proof are powerful and when I started applying this to my business, my business doubled in revenue.

The best part about social proof? It’s free!

Sure, it takes a little effort and time, but your customers need to trust you. They want to trust you, if you give them that opportunity.

Let me use myself as an example.

When you can X2, X5, X10 someone’s business, that’s powerful leverage. I charge $1,000 an hour for my time. Not because I can, but because I’m worth it.

Do you think a stranger is willing to pay me $5,000 for a 5 hour consultation in advance without knowing me? Trust me, it’s not happening.

Now, a lot of the business owners, founders and entrepreneurs I work with are referrals from current clients, some past clients. I’m not including that. For this example, I’m referring to someone that doesn’t know anything about me nor being influenced by someone else.

Having social proof and testimonials are powerful and persuasive. Rightfully so when it’s legit social proof and testimonials.

How Can You Utilize Social Proof To Grow Your Business?

You have to leverage your social media accounts for one.

Of course, your services and products have to be good, you have to rely on them and know how to leverage the awesome services you provide.

Most importantly, you have to encourage others to leave reviews. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s perfectly fine to ask. Ethically, you shouldn’t be asking for great reviews and if you have superior services as a business, you won’t have to ask customers, friends or family to leave you reviews. I don’t suggest using fake reviews, that’s trouble. Your reviews must be authentic.

Testimonials For Your Business

Here’s Another Great Example To Get Customers Talking

Webinars and live presentations are a great way to get customers talking.

Now we have live video, all of these are great for building social proof and engagement with your brand.

I leverage webinars and live video for this exact purpose, creating social proof.

Think about what you can do with your Facebook page and live video. Ask a few of your past customers to post in your live feed. You want others to see this live social proof, right?

It’s POWERFUL. The more you do it, the more you can leverage it and use it for growing your business.

Live videos have changed the game and you’ll find that you can do live video on several social platforms now. Webinars can have the same value, so start getting customers to talk about your brand.

Most of you use webinars for opt-ins anyway, creating engagement and social proof on your webinar is going to help you get more people signed up.

Ask if anyone has bought your product or service, ask them to comment live. Ask your past customers to join and leave a comment.

When you get your social proof, you need to make sure you’re utilizing it on your landing pages, squeeze pages, service pages and other valuable areas in your network. Be sure to take some screenshots and post it on your landing pages, it works great.

If you’re using Facebook, you’re going to have your feeds to work with. Rather than using screenshots, all you need to do is make sure potential customers are seeing the amazing feeds, engagement and comments your business is getting.

Trust me, social proof is powerful. Reviews and testimonials are powerful. If you want to grow your business, make sure you’re using them.

Think About Your Buying Behavior

Now, for this example, put your buyer shoes on.

Let’s say you find a product online and it cost $1,000. You’ve never heard of the company or owner. Are you going to buy it? Likely not. If it interest you, you’ll probably head to Google to see what you can find, right?

The key point, you’re likely not a buyer at this price point for this specific scenario.

In the next scenario, you’re looking at the same product that cost $1,000. However, this time your best friend or partner tells you how great the product is. This changes everything for you. Here, you have a close friend or partner that is telling you the price is worth every penny. Are you more likely to buy it? Of course you’re, social proof from a friend influenced your buying behavior.

This is how social proof works and you can leverage it to grow your business.

We trust and value the opinion of friends, partners and family.

Make sure you’re leveraging social proof for your business. Add your social proof to your websites.

When I first started 11 years ago, I didn’t utilize social proof. I wasn’t taking screenshots of social proof, don’t make this same mistake.

Trust Logos

Trust Symbols

Lastly, we have trust symbols.

You’ll see these trust symbols everywhere once you start paying attention.

These are simply logos of brands and companies that you’ve worked with, that you represent.

One well known trust logo or symbol that gives potential customers confidence is the BBB logo. Payment carts like McAfee Secure give customers confidence to first time buyers, an essential element for ecommerce platforms.

You have to leverage social proof when ever the time warrants it.

Use your trust logos wisely, landing pages and the footer are known locations for placement.

As you’ll learn, social proof can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

Do you know more ways to utilize social proof? Let us know in the comments!