You want to grow your business using Pinterest. After all, Pinterest users are not shy about buying.

While Instagram and Snapchat often take the social media buzz away from Pinterest, this social channel is still strong and very interactive.

The most important question to ask yourself, “Is Pinterest worth using to grow my business?”

That means it’s time to look at your business. Who are you trying to reach? What problem are you trying to solve? These two questions are important.

Here’s what we know about Pinterest.

  • Pinterest has over 100 million active users
  • The majority of users are female
  • The fastest growing demographic are men
  • Over 40 percent of U.S. users are female
  • Over 30 percent of U.S. social media users use Pinterest
  • Over 55 percent of U.S. shoppers claim Pinterest to be their favorite social platform
  • Over 67 percent of Pinterest users are Millennials
  • 2 billion searches per month
  • 75 percent claim Pinterest is the best place to find new interest
  • Around 67 percent of Pinterest users are under the age of 40


In this Pinterest Marketing Guide, here’s what we’ll discuss;

  • Can I Grow My Business Using Pinterest
  • Getting Started With Pinterest
  • Creating Pinterest Boards
  • Focus On The Content Of Your Boards And Pins
  • How To Leverage Your Pinterest Account
  • Engagement Has To Be A Priority
  • Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Growing Your Pinterest Account
  • It Takes Time To See ROI


Can I Grow My Business Using Pinterest

That’s the golden question, will Pinterest work to grow my business?

It all depends, your business may be perfect for Pinterest or you may have a specific business that simply doesn’t work on Pinterest.

How can you find out if Pinterest will work?

First, Pinterest is an image, graphic type site. This is at the core of Pinterest. Businesses that rely on images and graphics perform better on Pinterest.

Here’s some example businesses that do great on Pinterest.

  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Baking
  • Painters
  • Real Estate
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry


Pinterest can work for a lot of different businesses. That also depends on why you want to use Pinterest.

Here’s why businesses choose to market on Pinterest.

  1. Branding and Exposure
  2. Increase reach of Brand
  3. Connect with Influencers and other Brands
  4. Increase traffic to Website and Landing Pages
  5. Grow Social Network
  6. Sell Services and Products
  7. Networking


Many of you won’t know if Pinterest can work until you try it. If you’re new to Pinterest marketing or the Pinterest platform in general, it won’t hurt to try Pinterest out for a month to see where you can take it.

You can grow your Pinterest account on your own (organically) or you can run paid ads. I’m big on running test and experiments, it’s a huge benefit when you can start to get data back to analyze.

You have to start somewhere, so get your first Pinterest Boards up today.

Starting A Pinterest Account

Getting Started With Pinterest

If you haven’t started with Pinterest yet, you need to get signed up.

Make sure you use an email you can access, you’ll be required to verify that email.

You also want to make sure you choose the right name for your account.

You can add your location and a URL to your Pinterest account, this will display on your main page that contains all your boards.

Creating Pinterest Boards

Creating Pinterest Boards

If you don’t know Pinterest well, Pinterest Boards are a term you’ll soon become familiar with.

You have the ability to create Pinterest Boards to place content and images within that board.

Let me start by giving you a few important Pinterest tips.

  • Your Pinterest boards need to be specific, keep them under a specific topic.
  • Your Pinterest account (in total) should be specific, don’t mix different topics up.
  • If you have different topics, make sure you create different boards on Pinterest.
  • Your best option is using multiple Pinterest accounts if the topics are different.


Creating A New Pinterest Board

Your Pinterest Board titles need to be specific. Best practice is adding keywords in the title and board description.

More importantly, make sure you’re using the terminology of your customers.

You want your content to be detailed, so make it useful and informative.

Within your Pinterest Boards, this is where your content will exist. You can add images within your boards and these can be optimized also. These images are called Pins. Boards can contain thousands of Pins.

Focus On The Content Of Your Boards And Pins

A lot of people like to post any type of content on Pinterest and this is the wrong approach.

Your pins need to have a purpose as your Pinterest marketing can be involved in your content marketing campaigns.

Ask yourself these questions to learn what content you should be publishing on Pinterest.

  1. What problem is our product or service solving?
  2. What type of content does our audience read?
  3. What type of content engages our audience?
  4. Are we targeting the different personas we have with our content?
  5. What types of content give our audience the most value?


The answers to these questions can help you pinpoint the type of content you should be focusing on with your Pinterest marketing.

You Have To Leverage Your Pinterest Account

The more boards and pins you add to your Pinterest account, the more leverage you’ll have.

You can use these to grow your business or you can use your Pinterest account to provide Pinterest marketing services. You can make money from Pinterest by offering advertising, we’ll get into this more later in the guide.

For now, we need to build your boards and pins.

Pinterest Marketing And Engagement

Engagement Has To Be Priority

Engaging other Pinterest users, this is the key to successful marketing on Pinterest.

If you want to grow as quickly as possible (and I’m sure you do) you have to start building relationships.

This is true in all your social media marketing campaigns. After all, it makes us all feel good when people take an interest in what you do.

That means you need to start connecting with Pinterest users right away.

  • Start following other users and other boards. You have a higher chance of them following you back.
  • Engage with those you follow. They’ll be more likely to engage with you.
  • Start leaving comments.
  • Start liking other pins.
  • Pay attention to your notifications, this tells you who is engaging with you.


Engaging and building relationships is important for your business. It’s a critical step to growing your business, but also giving you another level of customer support as many brands use social media to connect with customers.


Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics will help give you important insights to how you’re performing.

As you can see above, you can see a wide range of data points.

  • Average daily impressions (profile)
  • Average daily viewers (profile)
  • Average monthly viewers
  • Average monthly engagement
  • Average daily impressions (website)
  • Average daily viewers (website)


Paid Pinterest Ads

Pinterest Ads

Just like other popular social media platforms, Pinterest also gives you the opportunity to run ads.

Now, Pinterest paid ads are no Facebook ads, there’s not many data points to leverage. Then again, no other social media ad platform comes close to Facebook and the thousands of data points you could create.

With that said, can you use Pinterest ads for your business? Absolutely.

Like anything you do in business, it’s all about testing, see what works, seeing what your audience reacts to and what they don’t react too.

With Pinterest, you can run Awareness Campaigns, Engagement Campaigns and Traffic Campaigns. You’ll be able to determine which campaign goal you want, ad spend and the pin you want to promote.

My advice, start slow, test multiple campaigns and see what works best.

Growing Your Pinterest Account

There’s a number of different ways you can grow your Pinterest account.

  • Get more followers and follow more users
  • Promote your Pinterest account on other social media platforms
  • Publish numerous Pins each day
  • Make sure website visitors know about your Pinterest account
  • Offer Pinterest sharing on your website’s content and images
  • Be active and engaging, build your community
  • Be consistent with your publishing


It Takes Time To See ROI

For most of you, it’s going to take time before you see your business growing. They key is consistency and patience.

Now, if you have money to invest, use Pinterest ads for your Pinterest marketing. This can help your account grow a lot quicker.

If you have to work manually, make sure you’re using your time wisely.

If you need help growing your Pinterest or social media accounts, give our team a call today or send us an email.

Until next time…